Chester's Tail of Success

You may remember we adopted Chester (formly Simba) 4 weeks ago and I just thought you'd like to know how he's getting on.

All I can really say he's very well - he's loving and friendly, always looking for the next lap to sit on. Yes, we've had one or two odd behaviours but they really are few and far between and getting less the more accustomed to us he becomes.

My husband is definitely his favourite and he will gravitate towards him first before the rest of us! He's eating well and has put on a bit of weight but in a good way I think.

We've not let him outside yet but are planning to in the next few weeks - I just want to be absolutely confident that he knows where home is and I think we're nearly there. Also, you may be interested to know that we've renamed him Chester - a very grand name for a really beautiful boy.

Maybe at some point we'll be looking for a companion for him and we will certainly be back if that's the case.

With kind regards

Fiona Jones