Cookie's Tail of Success


I am just emailing you to update you on Cookies new life with me and my sister (Kevin and Samantha Taylor) with a few pictures :) She has taken to living with us very well and settled down much faster than we anticipated - This picture is her on her first day at home! We expected her to hide and be a bit scared but she ran straight upstairs to check out the facilities!

She quickly discovered our the three beds available to her and seems to enjoy testing them all equally.

It isn't all about sleeping for Cookie though, she is far more playful than she seemed when we first met her so we brought her some toys to enjoy!

But at the end of the day she is still a cat so sleeping in the sun is her favourite activity.

Anyway, as you can see she has really settled down and is a lovely cat who really enjoys constant attention no matter what you are trying to get done so thank you all for helping us find such a lovely cat and thanks from Cookie for helping her find such a lovely home :)

Kevin & Sam Taylor