Fizz's Tail of Success

Fizz (formly Munchkin) came to Cats Protection from a multi-cat household, she was very under weight and had poor coat condition, due to being heavily burdened with fleas. Fizz was a bit shy but stood out with her stunning looks. It was long before Fizz was feeling much better, she was quick snapped up for adoption.

Fizz goes home 

We adopted Fizzgig (formerly Munchkin) in July and she quickly settled in. Fizz is sociable and spirited, enjoying watching the world go by and curling up on laps. She is very inquisitive (or nosey!) and playful; her favourite games include battling with a feather wand in her 'combat tunnel', and chasing tin foil up and down the stairs. Fizz was quite wary to begin with, but is growing in confidence every day, liking to be stroked on her own terms and following us around like a curious little shadow. She isn't terribly keen on going outside yet, unless someone is with her, but once out she becomes very excitable! Fizz has had a few tummy issues and was quite underweight when we got her, but with the help of her vet prescribed diet she has quickly gained weight and is up to where she should be.