Frank's Tail of Success

I lost my 2 Tortoiseshell girls due to old age within 6 months of each other.  Having had them from kittens, you can imagine, I was pretty devastated. So I decided to have a break before embarking on another long term feline relationship. Well, that didn’t last long - the house felt so empty, there was no warm furry four legged companion always there waiting for a cuddle when I came home.

So after about 5 weeks – on the May bank holiday weekend, I took myself off to our local Cats Protection Adoption Centre near Haslemere. My brother and sister-in-law had previously adopted 2 cats from there with great success. I had checked out their website beforehand and taken along a list of “names” that I thought I would like to meet. I had in mind what I was looking for, one or maybe two older girls who perhaps were looking for a nice quiet home to retire to (I wasn’t sure I could go through the “kitten stage” again).

One by one I was introduced to the “the names” on my list by a kind and very patient member of staff, but I was fast becoming despondent, apart from a couple who came over for a sniff none of “the names” and I really seemed to gel! Then the gentleman said that they did have a cat who had recently been brought to Haslemere from one of their other adoption centres near London and he thought this cat could be the one!

He was about 3 years old and had been found living on a building site near Surbiton – he was a bit shabby looking to say the least, thin, yellowy ginger in colour with bits of fur missing and quite frankly smelt! He really looked quite sorry for himself. As soon as I walked into his enclosure he woke up from his semi slumber, hurried over and jumped into my arms for a cuddle. That’s when Frank chose me!

There were some forms to fill in, an adoption fee to pay and Cats Protection wanted to check where I lived to make sure I had a safe and suitable home for an adopted cat. After a few days Frank came home with me. He couldn’t wait to get out into the garden and explore and he still loves the garden especially in the summer when he is out nearly all day and night, popping back to ‘check in’ every so often.

When Frank came home I gave him a dry shampoo and started combing him daily, and along with his own cleaning routine his physical condition soon improved. He no longer smelt and his fur started growing back and to my surprise - he’s actually white, with lovely long fluffy fur, a bright pink nose and pale blue eyes! I know he is the opposite of what I went looking for but I wouldn’t change him for anything and I feel privileged that he chose me.

Thankfully for the both of us, Frank really enjoys a good grooming session which we still do regularly due to his long fluffy fur. Frank had attachment issues when he first came home, he wouldn’t leave my side and was scared of everyone else he met but over time his confidence and trust issues have much improved. He still waits outside by the gate for me to come home, whatever time of night, eager for cuddles and he still likes to check strangers out before he says hello! 

Nearly 3 years on and Frank has proved to be a wonderful addition to my life not to mention my best friend and I’d like to believe he feels the same way. He is still very playful, happy with a simple piece of string or the cardboard tube out of the toilet roll!  I’m not quite so sure about the little presents he brings in for me from time to time but I guess he’s just showing his appreciation!

So, take it from me, if you are in any doubt about adopting a cat, pop along to your local Cats Protection and you never know, you might get chosen too!

Sarah Waterman & Frank!