Minnie's Tail of Success!


Hi there,

I just wanted to send you some photos of Mandy (now called Minnie) who we adopted 3 weeks ago.

She has settled in really well and has the run of the house now during the day. We still keep her in the spare room at night as we are still supervising her with our other cat, but she now comes running out for strokes and attention every morning. Initially she was very timid but she is getting more and more sure of herself every day. She absolutely loves our other cat and they have both been asleep on the bed together and have even groomed each other!!! So pleased that they get along. She gets the odd hiss if she is a bit too boisterous for him as he's 6 years old and not one for playing, but he licks her face which is so cute!!

She sits and stares out the windows and it'll be lovely when she's able to go out but we're taking it slowly. She's got loads of toys and is currently chasing a table tennis ball all over the house :)

I'll send you another update in a few months when she's out and about :)

Many thanks! :)

Heather Wigman