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RESERVED: Buster - Kitty of the Week!

05 December 2017
RESERVED: Buster - Kitty of the Week!

Update: Buster has now been reserved for his Furrever home

is friendly with people, and loves to sit on laps. He is young and playful, and loves his food. He is looking for owners who can give him all the love he is looking for.

Buster is looking for a rural home with no other pets. He wants all the attention and love for himself, without having to compete with other animals. Buster has never had a proper home to call his won, and was left outside to fend for himself as an unneutered tom. Now in care he has been neutered, but due to frustration of 180 days of living in a pen, he has started to give the odd nip.

Watch videos of Buster here; Cute and cuddly video1 and  at playtime video2